Thursday, June 22, 2006

no cook cooking

There's a delightfully lazy season we call summer.

In it, we put much effort into not putting hardly any effort into cooking at all. We're very lucky that farmer's markets are bursting with sweetly ripened fruits and vegetables so that putting as little energy into cooking still gives us delicious meals.

Here is a meeting of tasty ingredients: two slices of quality bread (sourdough in my case, but any wheat dense bread would be good), a soft Danish blue cheese, thin slices of a tart apple (Crispin), and fresh pecans. I toasted my bread first. True, it is a little bit more of an effort, but why buy such nice bread without crisping up the outer crust?

Remember to keep your nut meats in the refrigerator or the freezer because the oils in the nuts can spoil.

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