Sunday, February 22, 2009

the best fat tuesday buns ... ever

A Tiny Fat Tuesday Bun

On Friday some friends came over to make buns. These are no ordinary buns. They are called Semlor in Swedish (semla singular), and are informally translated to Fat Tuesday Buns. The idea being that before the strictness of Lent (perchance even fasting), you're allowed to be a bit gluttonous.

The buns are made from a buttery dough seasoned with ground cardamom. The filling is ground almonds with cream, and topped, in this case, softly whipped whipped cream, and the bun top.

I've had fat tuesday buns before, but homemade ones are so many times better!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

to begin again

Re-opening How to Eat a Green Mango

Dear readers (Hi Mom),

A year has gone by and things are so very different. I'm a food critic in Stockholm for the Swedish Bulletin, teaching a cooking class to small children, and working on a food/travel book about Northern Thailand -- specifically the Chiang Mai area where I learned to love eating green mangoes.

Though my original intent was to profile all the yummy eats I cook in my kitchen, I think at this point in time, this blog will be meant for entertainment, following my travails in my various food writing efforts.

I look forward to engaging the global community again on all matters regarding food, life, and love.

With great affection, Joy Hui Lin