Monday, April 12, 2010

Laduree V. Pierre Herme

It's official, folks. Herme wins by a landslide! One of the crazy things about London is that London has everything. I was walking around Selfridge's on my last day and lo, and behold, a mesmerizing display of all things delicious stood in front of me: the Pierre Herme counter filled with brightly colored macarons and chocolates.

I've made my way through Jasmin (jasmine tea flavored), apricot saffron, apricot pistachio, and chocolate passionfruit, and am waiting with bated breath to eat the last one -- salt caramel. The filling was generous, the macarons with filling were not too sweet.

Hm, methinks it's time for that salt caramel (Infiniment Caramel) macaron to be devoured! The Pierre Herme baking book is coming out in July 2010, and I will be at the bookshop to pore over every secret.