Monday, June 05, 2006

curious, google blueberry and itoen ...

Turns out if you google blueberry and Itoen (a Japanese tea company), you'll come up with one of my blog entries.

Voila, it's my new drink of the summer season. The blueberry green tea Itoen has created is at the top of my list for the new breed of tea-juice creations. I remember fondly back to my Amherst days when Fresh Side introduced me to the delights of a voluptuous peachy tea.

Itoen also makes black iced tea with: raspberry, apple, lemon, mango and peach. Though I was consuming many liters of the peach flavor in previous weeks, blueberry has won with raspberry coming in at a close second. It was completely dangerous for me to find out I can order it by the caseload.

Either I will turn into a big blueberry like Veronica from Charlie's Chocolate factory, or maybe my vision will become much more acute (since blueberries are proven to be wonderful for your eyes).

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