Sunday, June 03, 2007

the art of the sandwich

There are many perfect sandwiches in life. Most which, my sister claims, taste the best are the ones someone else has prepared for you.

As with the Vietnamese noodle salad, the beauty is still in the details for a stellar sandwich experience. Buy quality bread enrichened or sour with whichever grain combination you prefer.

The difference between American and Swedish sandwiches is that Swedish ones have something missing -- a top. Without the topper of another slice of bread the sandwich takes a European look to it. I'll admit it makes a lot of sense in terms of more concentration of flavor. It might even look like you want to take a knife and fork to it.

With little adieu, topless or not, these sandwiches rock my world:

Joy's Roast Beef and Blue Cheese Sandwich with Fig Jam Mayonnaise

slice of sourdough bread
1 t fig and walnut jam
1 t Japanese mayonaisse
thinly sliced red onion
slice of roast beef
1 T mild blue cheese (something creamy)
thinly sliced tomato
salt and pepper to taste

Thinly slice the tomato and sprinkle salt on it. Toast the slice of bread. While that is toasting mix the fig and walnut jam with the mayonnaise. When the toast is ready, spread the fig and walnut mayonnaise on it, spread the blue cheese, and then top with the slice of roast beef, sliced tomato and a sprinkling of thinly sliced red onion.

Joy's Favorite Roast Beef Sandwich a la American

slice of whole wheat sour dough bread
1 T cream cheese
minced garlic
thinly sliced tomato
thinly sliced avocado
roast beef

Mix the cream cheese with a tiny bit of minced garlic.

The sandwich structure is as stands: toasted bread, garlic cream cheese, tomato, roast beef and then finally avocado. I often sprinkle salt and olive oil over the top of the avocado. If a deli started to offer the "Joy Sandwich" I couldn't be more thrilled if they used this combination.

Kim's Favorite Vegetarian Sandwich, which is not only for Hippies

slice of white sourdough bread
sun dried tomato hummus
grainy mustard (honey mustard preferably)
fresh mozzarella sliced into thick slices
ripe avocado

When you assemble this sandwich make strong efforts to not let any of the ingredients escape and let your mind boggle a bit at the odd yet delicious assembly of ingredients!