Thursday, June 15, 2006

east village delights

There are many many reasons why I love the East Village. You would be correct in assuming all of these reasons are edible.

Well, there used to be food on that plate, but I ate it before I remembered to take a picture, but what nice Thai Ice Tea!

Mini Thai Cafe on Avenue A between 5th and 6th Ave is just about the only Thai restaurant that has my full approval. I learned to eat Thai food in Thailand, and therefore eschew all the Americanized versions of Thai food around the city. I am snobby about Thai food for a reason. Though I am fully supportive of the zany sushi combos only Americans make, the changes to the Thai cuisine disturb the delicate balance of flavors that makes Thai food so delicious. Some of the changes include making all the food much sweeter than it usually is, and using chicken breast which is healthier, is not the meat of choice for long stewed curries.

The number one reasons to hit Mini Thai Cafe is the Gai Yang -- Thai BBQ Chicken. There would be a picture of it also, but I'm afraid I dug in right away. My friend enjoyed his Curry Massaman as well. The summer rolls were good. The curry puffs were only mediocre, but the Thai Ice Tea was refreshing, light, and sweet.

The restaurant itself is small and cosy with friendly waitstaff. They'll smile if you say "sawadee-cah" (if you're a female) or "sawadee-krup" (if you're a male). And don't forget to thank them with "cab-kun-cah" (again female), or "cab-kun-krap."

I highly recommend making the trek out to 6th and A. Take the F train to the 2nd St stop and walk. Yummy Thai food awaits.

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