Monday, March 09, 2009

tea = fruit & vedge?

The Wonders of Tea

According to the blurb on my teabox, two cups of black tea can give you the equivalent flavenoids as a serving of fruit or vegetable. Hm? What exactly is a flavenoid and why do I need them? Apparently, they keep your heart healthy by clearing your arteries of cholesterol. Nice.

During a chilly, but enjoyable trip to Uppsala (a city north of Stockholm), we stopped in a tea shop and found some Kusmi tea bags which are optimal for figuring out which expensive tea blend you'd like to acquire for your tea collection next! Turns out that the new tea of the moment is Anastasia.

Though named after Russian royalty, no doubt, Anastasia is an Earl Grey blend with undertones of lemon and orange. As you can see from the beautiful tin it comes in, these do make great presents. Too bad my birthday's not until August.

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