Tuesday, March 24, 2009

blogging LIVE from Saturnus

Woo, live blogging!

There was an entry titled "Misadventures in Macaroons" that I haven't written, but I could have. There were many macaroons, none of them crunchy, or with "feet", but all of them delicious. But when one opportunity is sunk, another rises forth(!) at one of my favorite cafes in Stockholm. I almost regret to tout another reason to come to Cafe Saturnus -- besides the buns as big as your head, and lattes you could take a swim in. My personal favorite here is the hot chocolate made of voluptuous whole milk and melted chocolate. But, lo, yet another reason to come and be greedy: raspberry macarons.

Dear reader, I will keep researching. Chocolate macaroons on the next visit!

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