Monday, March 30, 2009

Brunch Snob

I happened to talk to a new acquaintance about brunch. Among all the American imports to Sweden, this is the latest trend (steakhouses and muffins/cupcakes being the others). He was ecstatic about the concept of brunch -- which many of us are. He began to describe exactly what was on their menu to me: smoothies ... meatballs.

"Meatballs?" I asked in disbelief. Brunch has, however, come a long way here in Stockholm. A slew of restaurants serve brunch -- but they serve it buffet style which drives down the quality of food and drives up the price of a brunch outing -- without even including a bloody mary or a mimosa.

The first time I tried to make brunch for my Swedish friends, no one came. They couldn't quite wrap their heads around the concept, and likely lagged around in bed instead. That was four years ago. Still, in my household, brunch is sacrosanct and here is one of my best brunch recipes.

Wild Blueberry & Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

serves 2-3

1/2 c (2 1/2 dl) buttermilk*
1/2 c flour
1 T sugar
1 t baking powder
1/4 t sodium bicarbonate
dash of salt
1 large egg
2 T of melted butter (cooled)

1/2 c wild blueberries (fresh or frozen)
1/2 package of ricotta
zest of one lemon

*I use a-fil here in Sweden

Mix the wet ingredients together in one bowl. Mix the dry in another bowl. Add the dry bowl to the wet. The batter should be lumpy. Do not over-mix!

Gently fold in the ricotta and lemon zest.

In a pan or griddle over medium high heat, dollops batter in rounds. Once you see bubbles, sprinkle blueberries on each pancake and flip. Cooking each side around 2-3 minutes depending on their thickness.

Serve with warmed maple syrup.

I'm only regretting that I've eaten up all these pancakes already.


  1. Oooooo, yum yum yum. I can attest that you make the absolute best pancakes ever!

  2. We'll have to make them next time we're out at your countryhouse or ours.