Sunday, September 25, 2005

homemade chocolate milkshakes

When the weather is consistently 90 F and/or it's just been a tough day, there is nothing like the perfect chocolate milkshake. This milkshake is a spin off one I had in Stockholm, Sweden, and has been my favorite ever since.

Here is only the after picture, since it was too delicious to wait to down.

Joy's Best Chocolate Milkshakes Ever

Best Chocolate Ice cream
Whole Organic Milk
Chocolate Syrup

As I told my friend: chocolate ice cream, meet milk, milk, meet chocolate ice cream. The key is only add a little milk while mashing down the ice cream until it's at that nice thick consistency. I fill a glass with chocolate ice cream, and then add a little bit of milk, then mash until it's that right consistency, and try to err on the ice cream side, or else you'll just have a very sweet milky concoction.

Take a tall glass, and squirt chocolate syrup at the bottom, fill with the chocolate milkshake, and then add a generous lacing at the top, serve with a straw.

Fancy variation: Vanilla ice cream with half a teaspoon of crushed saffron, and whole milk. Take blackberry jam, and thin it with water over the stovetop until it is more like a sauce. Place blackberry jam sauce on bottom of glass. Pour newly saffron flavored milkshake over blackberry sauce in glass.

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