Monday, September 19, 2005

every good thing oatmeal

Every Good Thing Oatmeal

Oatmeal has been a longstanding favorite in my family, although, our tastes did run towards Quaker microwaveable oats. After going to brunch for more than a year in New York, I noticed that oats were taking a decided turn for the luxurious and decided to hop onto the oats as you've never seen them before train.

This recipe is straight from the produce I got from my local farmer's market and I'm sitting here eating this breakfast with a bouquet of snapdragons at my side. Enjoy the farmer's market and buying locally as much as you can.

half a white peach
handful of pecans
a tablespoon or less of light brown sugar
handful of raspberries
golden raisins (optional)

irish or scottish oats -- prepare stovetop according to directions
pinch of salt

I normally don't put as much salt in my oats as they do traditionally. This quick breakfast takes around fifteen to twenty minutes. Slice the peach into a ceramic oven friendly dish, sprinkle raspberries and brown sugar with pecans and set oven on broil. Make sure the pecans don't burn!

Cooking the oatmeal takes about 10-15 minutes, so by the time they're finished the peach/raspberries are probably deliciously roasted up a bit. I just tip the oatmeal on top of the peach/raspberry mix and mix in some golden raisins.

Eat in good health!

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