Monday, October 03, 2005

one of my favorite breakfasts

My perfect breakfast consists of a perfect 3 minute soft boiled egg with freshly ground salt and pepper, a cup of dutch pressed cocoa, and toast with jam and butter.

Spicy Aztec Cocoa is my favorite from the Lake Champlain brand. I discovered it at Knit Cafe in New York (14th St. between 2nd and 3rd Ave).

I make my own cocoa when this one isn't available.

Spicy Dutch Press Cocoa Mix

1 T Dutch Press Cocoa
2 T Sugar
tiny bit of water for mixing
smidgeon of cayenne pepper
smidgeon of cinnamon

One needs to be extremely careful about overdoing the cayenne. As with all cooking, timing is key. I usually set the water on high with the egg in it, then wait until the water is just about to boil, set on the toaster, heat the milk in the microwave, and after three minutes of boiling, I take the egg out, butter the toast, and mix in the cocoa.

Today I had no jam (I prefer Bon Maman), so I just thinly sliced a ripe plum with a sprinkle of brown sugar and pecans on top of my toasted and lightly buttered bread.

Hopefully good breakfasts make for good interviews (ulp!)

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