Saturday, May 16, 2009

Where to Start?

The delicious small sweet mangoes or the huge brioche gelato sandwich I ate in Palermo? Though I stopped blogging for three weeks due to a family emergency, dial-up, and no wifi (the Sicilians tended to call it wee-fee), I definitely did not stop eating!

Let's start with the brioche. What an ingenious idea. Gelato has the most lusciously soft creamy texture that makes it so eminently edible. Then, take one of the most rich custardy textured breads in existence: the brioche. Together it's a heavenly combination.

I had eyed the Sicilians curiously as they passed me by holding one of these concoctions. I finally had the greedy pleasure of one in Palermo at Spinnato on Via Principe del Belmonte 117? I will have to look up the address when I get home. Turns out I'm not the only one to discover this particular antique cafe!

Cafe Spinnato

But then again, a picture is worth a few thousand words, right? I can't stop eating pistachio and chocolate gelato together, and then cantaloupe plus yoghurt flavor for a lighter treat.

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