Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Frightened by Fuzzy Logic?

I have a confession to make. I am frightened of my new Toshiba Electric Rice Cooker/Warmer.

I just bought it in Thailand. Yes, I had to go to Thailand to get a decent rice cooker. While I didn't search too ardently here in Sweden, the price was right for a fuzzy logic Toshiba Rice Cooker. While I admit that Zojirushi is the king of rice cookers, I don't exactly have the budget for one.

So, I finally broke out my Toshiba, and pressed start. I have never worked with such a fancy rice cooker before, so I'll also own up to popping open the lid sometimes to check on what exactly was going on!

Turns out, what I am not accustomed to is the 'soak' stage. It hardly emitted any steam at all (where did it go?). Each rice granule was frighteningly perfect. Perfect rice?!? I'm very used to over/under cooking rice by adding a bit too much water or too little and then either adding more water to try to soften it or letting it dry out when it gets too wet, but perfect rice?

I'm going to get spoiled. And how!

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