Sunday, May 17, 2009

Here Come the Mangoes

There was a picture intended in mind to show you how these small mangoes are in relation to a normal sized Thai mango.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), all of these mangoes, small or otherwise, ended up too rapidly in my gullet for picture taking. But! I managed to snag this shot of the small mangoes at the market in Mae Rim.

I was in Thailand for the first time with my mother, which made a lot of unclear things much clearer since she is a native. This was the first time I was in Thailand at what seemed to be high season for mangoes (not for pomelo, unfortunately), and she told me that these small mangoes were known for being sweeter AND juicier!

Of course, I couldn't resist such a temptation and ate these with both coconut yoghurt and sticky rice as much as possible. I discovered tiny puffed mung beans as perfect counterpoint to the yumminess of coconut sauce laden sticky rice.

Thailand really is mango heaven.


  1. Hello

    Great Blog, yes this sentencce is correct that the Mango is the fruit of heaven, i like mangoes very much i knew thailands mangoes are very delicious, but i like pakistani mangoes too much there are too many types of mangoes and they are very delicious, have you taste or eat pakistani mangoes once? really they are best mangoes around the world.

  2. I'm not sure, but I think maybe my local Thai grocery store sometimes has Pakistani mangoes. I'll have to go check again so I can make some mango and sticky rice this summer!