Monday, May 25, 2009

Salad Days

I've turned the hothouse into a baby leaf salad grower. One of my first forays into an edible gardening habit was strewing some gourmet micro green seeds, watering them whenever they looked like they wanted water, and then reaping the benefits with homegrown salad. It turned out so successful last time, I sowed with confidence this new batch for spring.

In this particular mix is some mizuna and mustard greens. There might be an odd dandelion green growing in there -- which are, incidentally, edible, but that would be due to the air being suddenly filled with the seeds of dandelion clocks yesterday.

One usually sows and then collects the salad. Depending on the type, it might grow again, or you need to grow from seed again. The turnaround is around two weeks, so it can be ideal to sow one week, and then sow the next week if you want to keep yourself in baby leaf or micro green salads.

Growing salad is easy as long as you keep it away from snails. We've been trying to grow carrots, parsley, leeks, yellow summer squash, salad, baby salad, and peas, but without fail, our outdoor garden is besieged by hungry garden snails.

We laughed when we saw the wild-eyed Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall on his program click on and off the flashlight while he searched at night for these destroyers of all a gardener's hard efforts, but who is laughing now?

Snail prevention tips welcomed!

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