Saturday, April 04, 2009

Which news would you like first?

The good news is that on Friday, the sun was shining, I had gone and eaten delicious nouveau Czech cuisine at the Czech embassy (including an intriguing spin on goulash with chicken breasts and blanched almonds) the day before, and I was due for a glorious walk around Stockholm's harbor with a friend and his baby.

I had mixed up the time, so I jumped on the T (T is for tunnelbana), and arrived in Gardet, but to my disappointment, the bakery Solsidan is a catering company. However. The Germany embassy sent me yet another lead, but this time I'm going to call ahead because I'm still waiting to get my City Bikes season card despite ordering it ages ago, and since the weather is so nice, I feel like I should be biking around town instead of hopping on and off the awfully well-oiled machine that is public transportation here in Stockholm. I'm serious! It's a model for other countries to follow.

So, there was no Prinzregententorte, but I did have a delicious carrot cake with tangy cream cheese frosting at Blå Porten which is a very old and distinguished lunching place on Djurgården.

I feel badly there is no recipe of the day, and this seems somewhat more like an update on an earlier post, but here goes nothing:

slow poached eggs are fant-bloody-tastic.

Do you remember? Boil the water, throw the eggs in with some vinegar and a spin and happy things happen while you wait. The key is also to make enough boiling water proportionate to how many eggs you're making. I've seen the light. Slow plus Poached Eggs = SANT which is the way Swedes writes Adam + Eva = <3 (heart), or more so in Swedish "true love."

This technique will come in handy on Friday when it is my duty to wake up him on his birthday with his favorite breakfast -- Eggs Benedict.

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