Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Habana Yumminess

I have a guest restaurant in New York. Yes, the one restaurant I always take guests to because it's not too expensive, it's delicious, and kinda hip.

It's Cafe Habana in Soho. The dish that fills up your senses is the grilled corn on the cob laced with crema or mayo, cheese, cayenne pepper, and lime. Though grilled corn is hard to come by if you don't have access to a barbecue, or if you're a tad lazy like myself and stoking the coals isn't always the first thing that comes to mind, then this is the recipe for you. Almost all of the zing without the trouble:

Chile Lime Corn Salad

1/2 bag of frozen corn or corn cut from a fresh cob
1 T butter
1/2 lime
a dash cayenne pepper
small knob of Parmesan Reggiano or Queso Cotija
a smidgen of green onions and cilantro cut finely for garnish and color

In a saucepan, warm 2 T of water with 1 T of salted butter. Add the frozen corn to the pot and stir and let it come to room temperature. Squeeze lime over corn, add a dash of cayenne pepper, and sprinkle with the grated or crumbled cheese and garnish.

It's a great side dish for any Tex-Mex or Mexican inspired meal. Hm, I wonder how they say "Eat up" in Spanish?

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