Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Right Amount of Cheesiness

Carr's to the rescue!

Dear reader, I have been robbed! I just discovered this today after my trip through the Baltic (posts and pictures forthcoming). I went to the bank to try to get my details together to file a report with the police. I knew something bad was going to happen due to me not able to keep six currencies straight: USD, euro, Swedish kronor, Lats, Litas, and Kroon.

After my visit to the bank I stopped by my local grocery store to look for some crackers to eat a nice cheese we have at home, and I spotted Carr's Cheese Melts. Though I admittedly have been craving box macaroni and cheese (indoctrinated!), I decided cheese melts would suit me well, and suit me they do.

Carr's cheese melts are crisp with the right amount of flakiness punctuated by dots of poppy seeds and of course cheese and salt flecks baked right onto the top.

Just the sort of thing to stuff into your mouth while you hammer out your report for the police. *Sigh*.

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