Thursday, January 19, 2006

you say japanese lemon, I say yuzu

Product Spotlight Time!

When I spent New Year's Eve in New York, it was bitterly cold, and by the time I got inside the apartment where the party was, though there was much champagne offered, I only wanted tea.

My friend then graciously offered to make me Honey Citron Tea, but the way it was prepared was like nothing I had ever seen before. I have seen plenty of tea in powdered form (an Asian favorite), but I had never seen tea in a jam.

To be quite honest, all this Korean "tea" looks like is marmalade, but it is amazingly delicious, lightning fast to prepare, and great for when you feel a cold setting in. And it is entirely free of caffeine, but doesn't have that annoying taste that some herbal teas have.

You boil water, and scoop a large tablespoon of jam into your cup and stir. Voila.

You can find this in any Korean grocery store. Usually it is on the shelf near the jam, or in the refrigerator.

When hunting down this tea jam, my Japanese friend was telling me that it actually wasn't a regular lemon, but a special one.

"Yuzu." I said back to him, with a glint in my eye. (I have lived in Tokyo for a year).

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