Friday, January 20, 2006

embarrassingly easy korean

Good Kim-Chi will strip paint, in all likelihood.

I love Korean Vegetable Pancakes. I must not speak Korean well because when I discussed them with the lady at the Korean Grocery Store, I said: Chi-Chi-Mee. She didn't understand me, and then she said, "Oh!" and repeated it back to me with an entirely different inflection.

Without further ado ...
Mini Korean Kim-chi Vegetable Pancakes

1/2 c Kim-Chi
1/2 c Vegetable Pancake Mix (buy at Korean or Japanese Grocery store)
1 scallion chopped in diagonal slivers (it looks prettier that way)
1/2 c water
Oil for frying (less than 2 teaspoons)

Japanese Mayonaisse (less than 1 t)

Mini food processor

Step by step:

The flour batter mix to buy at the store.

It's a one-to-one ratio of flour mix to water here. I just made a half batch for me today. (1/2 c flour, 1/2 c water)

Here I blitzed the Kim-Chi, but it's fine just to roughly slice it into more biteable pieces. Then I added the chopped scallions.

Then heat your pan to high and add oil, then turn down to medium heat and add batter in about 3 in radius circles. I obviously have not mastered the perfectly round curved edge pancake technique yet.

Drizzle with Japanese mayonaisse and serve as an appetizer, or light lunch. I ate this with my Soft Tofu in Tempura Sauce recipe for lunch today. I have a happy stomach.

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