Thursday, January 19, 2006

first stop little peking!

Oh my. I have a slew of things to write about.

They do say pictures are worth more than many words, no?

The exquisite gustatory delights of well made Chinese food often elude me. However, in Orange County, California, if you are ever in the middle region, you must go to Little Peking. I suppose some would call this a hole-in-the-wall type of restaurant. It is located in the shopping center on the south east corner of Westminster and Newland at: 8566 Westminster Ave, Westminster, CA 92683.

I have had homemade dumplings in Beijing, eaten in Chinatown in San Francisco, Toronto, and New York, and I can still reassure you that these are by far the best dumplings I have ever eaten. Pictured above are the boiled dumplings and the roast beef in onion pancake roll.

The pork leek filling coupled with the home made dough make Peking a frequent must, along with their very reasonable prices. One order of succulent pan fried or boiled dumplings will only cost $5.

Only in the past few years has my family enjoyed the roast beef onion pancake roll. The roll is comprised of a crispy fried green onion pancake wrapped around layers of chinese flavored roast beef, fresh green onions, and hoisin sauce.

Hm, I feel a little drooly just thinking about visiting Little Peking restaurant, but unfortunately it is so far away.

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