Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One Bad Day

As someone interested in being a locavore, you can't rule out the positives of hunting. Being from southern California, for most of my life, I've assumed food comes from the supermarket. So after foraging for wild berries and mushrooms, hunting doesn't come up too far behind. Particularly on the island where I spent my weekends, there are many deer who carry ticks (lyme disease!), and eat up and destroy all of our gardening efforts (rest in peace peony bushes).

Not coincidentally, other locavores are also coming to the same conclusion. We started with perhaps hands-on gardening, and then started thinking about the repercussions of mass produced meats both on the planet and our health.

The NY Times profiles a local deer hunting class.

I, similarly, was invited to my first hunt. There's a forthcoming article about my experience hunting somewhere in here, but I'll just comment for today that I enjoyed during the NY Times video. Especially the point the local deer hunting class teacher made about how the deer have had a good life running around, (eating all our apples), etc, and then they have one bad day. If you've ever seen any footage of supposed "free range" chickens and eggs, one bad day is infinitely preferable to a whole lifetime of bad days.

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