Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lazy Summer Recipes

Unlike a lot of my American friends, I'm not swamped with 40 C/90 F kind of weather over here in Stocktown (an affectionate name for Stockholm). However, you still get parched over here, and there's nothing like a cool glass of lemonade, no?

My problem with lemonade is that simple syrup you make at the beginning. I've circumvented it a bit by just using as little hot water as possible and eyeballing sugar which turns out right more or less.

But! There's an even better and fizzier way to make lemonade! There's something called 'fruktsoda' which is basically a sweet soda with no flavor in it. You add a hefty squeeze of lemon, and smush a few blueberries in it, and voila! Wild Blueberry Lemonade soda!

You heard it here first, people!

Wild Blueberry Lemonade

1/2 liter of sweet carbonated soda
1/2 large lemon
20 wild blueberries


The best part is munching on the blueberries after your lemonade is gone. it's refreshing, and good for your eyesight and brain. Also, the 'fruktsoda' you can buy here in Sweden has a lot less sugar than other brands.

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