Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I don't usually mix food and poetry, but in this instance I really enjoyed this article by Mark Dow: Terminology & Ice Cream.

It was also an interesting blog post because the writer is a creative writing teacher (presumably) at Hunter College which is a post that I would probably flirt with since it's a creative writing post and located in New York. That is, if I finally wind up publishing some of my own poetry and decided to live in New York again.

In any event, this last week, someone lectured me about sweets and sugar in general. It made me laugh a little because Thai people hover over their food with a spoonful of sugar, or vinegar, or chili flakes, or fish sauce, or all of the above to make sure the dish they receive is the perfect balance of the sum of all those flavors.

Today, I enjoyed a marvelous dessert made of pandalus leaf flavored pancake filled with toasted coconut, served with vanilla ice cream, and a syrup infused with toasted coconut-ty goodness served at Restaurant Malaysia on Luntmakarsgatan (closer to Odengatan).

I guess it's just not so simple to explain to some, but, to me, oh, the sweetness is worth it!

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