Monday, May 22, 2006

yumma yumma

Oh, what have we here?

Why yes, it's one of New York City's finest ways to cool off during its 90 degree plus summers.

This is a fresh mango slushy coconut aloe jelly drink. It comes with a very big straw, as you can see in the picture. This delicious cool and creamy drink is from Healthy Dessert which is located on Center and Walker in Chinatown. The novelty of this drink comes from its multi-colored tiers. Fresh mango chunks sit on top of a layer of coconut slushy over mango slushy over a pool of questionably green aloe jelly (which is good for your skin from the inside too). The drinks come in a veritable rainbow of tropical flavors. Also, the mango pudding is not to be missed.

Healthy Dessert is newly reenovated too, so now you can sit contentedly browsing through the Asian mags while listening to cheesy Asian pop music in chairs with backs. Sounds like heaven, no? Healthy heaven ...

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