Wednesday, December 07, 2005

pingu a'boil

Before anyone protests, Pingu is just doing his job -- what he's supposed to do. I have gotten these adorable ceramics from Tokyo which my good friend arranged to buy for me to my delight.

I use my ceramic Pingu also for chocolate pots de creme, which is a recipe for another day.

Today I learned how to coddle an egg!

I don't think anyone hardly coddles eggs anymore, leastwise on this side of the Atlantic. If you look up coddlers you'll see things that look like modified tiny mugs with handles and lids.

While I have extensively explored baked eggs (which are also done in ramekins) coddled is an entirely new way for eggs. And of course my heart swoons.

Eggs are particularly prominent in Asian cuisine. I tend to look a little taken aback when someone doesn't love eggs. Who can forget the description of the golden flakey meat pies that had boiled eggs inside it like hidden treasures?

Sorry for the long rambly introduction, but coddling eggs is really easy ...

Joy's First Coddled Eggs

2 fresh eggs
2 T grated cheddar
1 t harissa
1 t milk
tiny lump of butter

freshly ground pepper and salt to taste

Coddled recipes recommend you butter the dish, but I just throw in butter on the bottom, and add everything. Set the coddler in the pot and bring to boil and boil for around 12 minutes. The water should reach halfway up the cup/ramekin/coddler.

At the end of the time, usually most of it was cooked, but not the middle, but I mixed it up a little and the residual heat cooked up the uncooked parts. The yolks should be softly cooked ...

Having harissa around makes my life happy. Something about that pungent paprika garlic spicy mixture really makes everything delicious.

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