Sunday, December 04, 2005

an imprecise science

It's not called cheating if it tastes good ...

So, as with many pleasures of the kitchen, new favorite recipes are hit upon by accident.

I found that when I stuck my leftover acai smoothies in small cups the freezer, that if I took them out to take a bite out of after dinner, often times they had become a pleasing granita or sorbetto.

So with much pleasure I present Mango Peach sorbetto:

Mango Peachie Sorbetto

2 cups of frozen mango chunks (you can buy them at Trader Joe's or freeze your own)
4 cups of white peach white grape juice

Blend. It helps to have a good ice crusher function on the blender. Pour into small freezer friendly cups and wait about the length of one rental movie.

With a spoon break up the sides and smush around nicely.

This also has the taste and feeling of a tropical compote which could probably be warmed and served over yogurt or ice cream.

A little summer in your winter ...

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