Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Sorry guys!

I've been trying for a year now to figure out talking about Pan Asian and Californian influenced food without cooking as much of it and as you've obviously noticed, blogging about the New York food scene has gone by the wayside now that I live in Stockholm. Stockholm, Sweden, yes.

I also have a new and wholly unexpected influence on my cooking, whom I could affectionately refer to "Otto is a Rhinocerous" based on a Swedish children's book about the rhinocerous who ate everything.

When I mentioned to Otto, that "How to Eat a Green Mango" had intrinsically changed due to his strong food opinions and cooking influences, I asked him what we should name the new blog. Feeding a Rhinocerous"" he said smiling.

"That's a terrible name," I frowned at him, and then he explained the background. Essentially, I complain all the time that it doesn't matter how much I cook, Otto eats all of it. A meal I prepare for four people which would normally last me a few days suddenly vanishes in one mealtime.

Otto loves his French, Swedish and offal, and I love my Asian, Indian, and Western tastes as well. I hope you'll enjoy this journey in the far northern reaches of Scandinavia as much as you've loved "How to Eat a Green Mango".

Without further ado, click here

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