Friday, April 14, 2006

a food blog without a recipe is like ...

A foodblog without a recipe is like ...

... a recipe posting without a picture.

Actually, I've been sitting on this news for awhile since everything has been in production, but I am releasing five Food TV shows both on TV (in Northwest Arkansas), and over the 'net (being able to download the episodes) and we might even have some DVDs to distribute.

Featured on the "Cooking with Joy" series is well, a heck of a lot of Asian cuisines, and some fusion tossed in there for good measure. In these episodes I teach everyone how to find ingredients at local Asian groceries and help you navigate and find the best snacks too! You'll be able to find all the recipes here on this website, and of course I'll be entertaining offers to make more TV shows (hopefully!).

Predicted release is going to be late May to June 2006. I'll certainly post any more updates as it goes along.

So far we've filmed:

Korean Food: Soon du bu (Spicy Tofu Soup), Korean Vegetable Pancakes with Kim Chi and mayonaisse
Japanese Food: Miso Glazed Salmon, Age-dashi Tofu (Soft Tofu in Tempura Broth), Edamame, and Pumpkin Miso Soup with Ground beef and Shrimp
Thai/American Food; Curry Chicken Tea Rolls, Baked Banana and Mango with Fresh Coconut Desert
Burmese Food: Coconut Curry Chicken Noodle Soup, Red Snapper Wrapped in Banana Leaves, Golden Raisin Basmati Rice

The last I'm planning for a Vietnamese show featuring some summer rolls and other dishes.

I'm excited and I hope you are too!

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