Tuesday, June 14, 2005

another day

Another day in Thailand, another heat rash.

I blame primarily a polyester based fabric I was wearing yesterday. I noticed that you can always tell the foreigners here by their copious amount of sweating. The Thais look unperturbed in the summer heat. The foreign girls always have their hair up up up, like the slightest strand of hair on their neck will send them riccocheting into heatstroke. It's very possible.

I heard it was unbearably humid in New York as well. So with little ado how to stay cool in Chiang Mai and New York City.

Daily Delight Cafe (Chiang Mai)

Daily Delight Cafe is a cosy yet open feeling cafe/house which serves mounds and mounds of shaved ice flavored with anything from coffee, to thai ice tea, to chocolate milk, even yogurt smoothie flavored! In the sensical nature of Asia, the shaved ice is topped with pretzel sticks, cute cookies, and has a base of bread cubes on the bottom. Surprisingly filling for just mouthfuls of cold sweet flavored shaved ice, it's a real steal for 20 Baht, or fifty cents. Daily Delight is located on the road that runs along Chiang Mai University south of Huay Kaew Rd. and is on the left if you're coming from the north with a bright orange and yellow awning.

Healthy Dessert (New York City)

Located on Center and Walker, the red sign is embellished in gold text declaring Hui Lau Shan or Healthy Dessert. Though I am immensely suspicious of their additions of bird's nest, I am always game to go there for my favorite drink -- a watermelon and coconut milk shake, made from fresh watermelons on the spot. It arrives after a short blitz luscious pink and creamy, and for only $2.

Stay cool, I'm trying my best to, too.

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